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Ethel Chocolatier wholesale catalog

For almost two decades, Ethel Chocolate continues to be on top of the list of the premium chocolate factories and suppliers. From a local family business in 1992 to a multinational supplier in 2012, Ethel Chocolate has established itself as an exemplary company, and has become an icon in the realm of the chocolate industry.

Year after year, Ethel Chocolate has persisted in producing and distributing a wide variety of the finest chocolate for all occasions. Ethel Chocolate brings you the chocolate products that combine the richest raw materials, the world’s finest cocoa, the sense of authenticity and traditionalism of the east and Europe’s modern flavors and styles. The most refined ingredients blend together to give you an unprecedented and irresistible chocolate experience, and Ethel’s team of chocolate gourmets and designers pay attention to every little detail in order to give the clients an exceptional service and unrivaled products.

With the high demand on Ethel’s luxury Chocolate and with its great reputation, Ethel Chocolate has gained a high recognition in the market as one of the most innovative and creative chocolate manufacturers, and expansion has been just the natural next step. The expansion plan has involved launching several new production lines, expanding local premises, installing new state-of-theart machineries, reaching new export destinations, and adding a new building to the production premises. Ethel Chocolate now operates from a 16,000 m2 location with world class machineries, offices and showrooms. The premises reflect the global standards that the company has reached in a very short period of time. Ethel is currently one of the region’s primary chocolate suppliers, with branches in several Mediterranean countries, and other locales across the five continents. The company is looking forward to making many new accomplishments and breakthroughs in the coming years.

Ethel’s endless variety of chocolaty goodness suits every true chocoholic insatiable sweet senses. Enjoy the finest chocolates in whatever your favorite kind is, treat yourself to the best chocolates that are catered to your uniqueness, and indeed enjoy being special.

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