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About us

Master Chocolatier since 1994

For around 2 decades, ETHEL Chocolate has strived to substantiate itself as one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate worldwide renowned for its authentic taste.

It was in the early 90s that a family of chocolate passionate incepted a local business, relying on the expertise of international professionals. The factory initially adopted classical recipes and methods in the making of its authentic chocolate. By and by, ETHEL became famous for the unique luscious flavor and established itself as a pioneer in the industry most valued internationally for its authenticity, which helped the company expand within the region and beyond.

A special attention was given to adapt high international manufacturing standards and the sourcing of the finest internationally recognized raw materials. Ethel Chocolate chooses only deluxe cocoa beans from three major international suppliers: Venezuela, Ecuador, and Ghana. The perfect blend comprises premium quality French milk so as to give each piece a mouth-watering and unforgettable taste. The result is a subtle mix of authenticity and traditions of the East, and the widely beloved flavours of Europe's finest chocolate brands, including the savorer in an irresistible tasting experience.

To further consolidate its international positioning, new blocks have been added to the initial factory. Today the company operates on a total of 16000 m2, allowing it to introduce state-of-the-art machinery, production line and equipment. The HQ offices were also equipped with the latest technologies, the company's attention to quality in every detail of the work flow. Strict Food Safety Regulations are applied within these factories to ensure a safe and unrivaled end product.

The major asset of ETHEL Chocolate is its personnel comprising a team of dedicated specialists in the chocolate industry and creative designers, who work as trainers to small industries, in line with the company's social mission to reinforce the reputation of Lebanese products on the international level.

Year after year, the company participates in major regional and international exhibitions and exports its products to many neighboring countries. Moreover, Ethel Boutiques are being opened progressively in many locations to cater to its ever-increasing clientele. More breakthroughs and achievements are planned in the near future!

As a result, the company has been subject to many acknowledgements from renowned European organizations in recognition for its many achievements in such a short span of time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer premium, safe and affordable chocolate pralines without compromising on the authentic quality that has distinguished ETHEL for years. Our vision is to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium and authentic chocolate. We care to provide opportunities for growth for the communities in which we operate.

To fulfill our Mission, we follow three strategies that help us drive our growth:

  • Offer premium chocolate products without any compromise on quality- Sourcing our Raw Materials from the most accredited suppliers and the best cocoa crops; forward is the only way we avow.
  • Operate a Customer-Service oriented team -Our success has been based on the satisfaction of our international clients with both the quality of the product and the quality of the services provided.
  • Reinforce our employees- Dedication and commitment throughout the organization has had its positive influence on the smooth workflow. Professionalism and perfection are key elements in every part of the supply chain.

Our Factory, one of the biggest in Lebanon

One of the major achievements in the last few years was shifting a considerable part of ETHEL manufacturing operations from manual processes to automation, which enhanced the ability to mass produce products while also conserving the company's tailor-made policy.

Machineries are signed by major names in the chocolate industry known for their adaptation of the latest technologies in the field.